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Coming Products
Tired of your wiring giving you fits?  Tired of dealing with melted, burned, and corroded wire and connectors?  Having serious doubts on the quality of overpriced, questionable 'replacements' from eBay?

Consider our all new wiring harnesses - with all new wire, terminals, and connectors, plus upgrades.  Click here for more information!

Many other products in the works:
  • Modern blade-style fuse box
  • Tail Harness
  • Center Harness
  • Battery Harness
  • LED taillight upgrade w/flashers
  • LED light bulbs and dash indicator bulbs
  • Custom Wiring
Feel free to contact us with any items we can help you with or any requests you might have!  We are looking to expand our catalog with items that are in demand!

Our goal is to offer products that bring our beloved older machines up to snuff with modern electrical technologies!  We want to help you with your repair or restoration needs!

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